1998 – Yellowstone

Jay and I had been to Yellowstone twice before our 1998 trip. In 1995 we drove through the northern part of the Park on our way to visit Jay’s cousin Dodi & her husband Tom in Columbia Falls, Montana. It whetted our appetite for more. We then went to Yellowstone in August 1997 with our friends Marilyn & Sam Schaen. On that trip we went to Yellowstone and then drove down to Jackson Hole. It was a great trip but Jay wanted to see more types of animals. We saw a lot of buffalo but that was all. When Jay asked a Park Ranger about the best time to go to Yellowstone he said early in the year when the animals come down from the high country because of the weather. That is how we decided to visit Yellowstone in May of 1998. We went in the second week of May & we saw all types of animals.

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